1.  To function as a platform for bringing together the different stakeholders of medicinal plant sector in the states

  2.  To develop region-specific quality planting material and promote and facilitate cultivation of medicinal plants cultivation and also promote group farming with focus on organic farming.

  3.  To provide handholding support to farmers right from farming to post harvest operations and marketing.

  4.  To refine region specific agro-technology of medicinal plants, especially endangered and high demand species in the region

  5.  Customization / field trials of already developed agro-techniques.

  6.  To take forward initiatives on GAPs, GFCPs, etc. and develop species-specific GAPs and GFCPs of the region and their dissemination.

  7.  To develop managerial and technical skills among the stakeholders concerned by organizing trainings.

  8.  To facilitate setting up of primary processing, grading, marketing facilities in the region.

  9.  To facilitate sale of medicinal plants/ produce

  10.  To resolve demand / supply issues.

  11.  To collect and maintain database of all concerned sectors of medicinal plants in the states and to integrate the databases of various states in the region

  12.  To engage forest departments and other concerned departments of the states in conservation, sustainable cultivation, technology upgradation, training and research on medicinal plants.

  13.  To identify region specific issues and assist various organizations in the region in formulating project proposals in priority areas.