Availability of seed and planting stock

Month wise and species wise seed collection/procurement plan for various medicinal plants species naturally occurring in Madhya Pradesh is being prepared by SFRI, Jabalpur. After preparation of this plan, seed collection/procurement will be organized accordingly.
SFRTI, Raipur, will also be requested to undertake similar exercise for Chhattisgarh.
Meanwhile, the growers of planting stock of medicinal plants, including state forest departments and medicinal plants cultivators may convey their species wise seed requirements to this center so that, their requirements are included in the seed collection/procurement plants under preparation.
Availability of planting stock will be notified as soon as the plantable stock is ready in the nursery of SFRI, Jabalpur.
Owners of private nurseries and managers of forest departments nurseries having ready planting stock of medicinal plants may, please, also inform this center about the species wise planting stock available for disposal with them along with the selling rates.
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