Aims & Objectives of the Board

Although in recent years, cultivation of medicinal plants has started gaining momentum, still a significant part of our requirement of medicinal plants as raw material for the herbal pharmaceutical industry continues to be met from wild sources. To meet the increasing demand for medicinal plants, NMPB focuses on in-situ and ex-situ conservation and augmentation of the growing stock of local medicinal and aromatic plants species. The NMPB also promotes research and development, capacity building through trainings and raising awareness through promotional activities like creation of home / school herbal gardens.

NMPB also seeks to support programs for quality assurance and standardization through development of Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GA & CPs), development of monographs laying down standards of quality, safety and efficacy; development of agro-techniques and credible institutions for certification of quality of raw drugs, seeds and planting material.

          The   main objective of NMPB is development of medicinal plant sector by developing strong coordination among various ministries / departments/organizations for implementation of policies / programs  related to medicinal plants.

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