Setup of RCFC

  • The RCFC works under the administration, guidance and supervision of Director, State Forest  Research Institute, Jabalpur.
  • Regional Director, RCFC has overall control over the execution of RCFC activities
  • There will be a Coordination Committee appointed and headed by the Director, SFRI, Jabalpur, as Chairman. The Coordinator will be its Member Secretary
  • The above committee will meet regularly, at quarterly intervals, to review and monitor the implementation of the Action Plan of the RCFC.
  • Coordinator, RCFC will coordinate with the NMPB, SMPBs concerned, state forest departments concerned and officials of the SFRI, Jabalpur.
  • He will also convene the meetings of the coordination committee as Member Secretary .
  • DDO, SFRI, Jabalpur will also work as DDO of  RCFC.


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